Lantzville Fire Rescue Department
The Lantzville Fire Rescue Department
Member Vancouver Island Fire Fighters Association
is dedicated to providing Fire Rescue, Medical Aid, and Fire Safety Education services to the residents of Lantzville. The department is made up of 30 volunteer men and women: one Fire Chief, one Deputy Chief, 2 Captains, 2 Lieutenants and 24 Firefighters. The members operate out of one fire station at 7580 Superior Road, serving approximately 3600 residents, utilizing 5 pieces of emergency apparatus.

We presently have five pieces of equipment, 2003 Superior-Freightliner Pumper, 1993 Superior-Freightliner Rescue, 1986 Hub-Mack Pumper/Tender, 1986 Hub-GMC Mini Pumper, 1981 Hub-Ford Pumper/Tender
7580 Superior Road, Lantzville BC
Phone (250) 390-2811
Fax: (250) 390-9215