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About the Vancouver Island Fire Fighters Association

Vancouver Island Fire-Fighters Association
(V. I.F. F. A.)
Aims and Objectives
  • To assemble its members for discussion and exchange of information 
    concerning the preservation of life and protection of property from fire.
  • To stimulate and encourage active interest in all matters of education,
    health and welfare of Vancouver Island Fire Fighters.
  • To create a fraternal spirit of friendship among its members.
The first meetings ever recorded were in 1931.  The attendance of these meetings were made up of Vancouver Island Fire Chiefs & Deputies.  One of the main areas of discussion was to make up a program that would be of benefit to the Vancouver Island Chiefs.  Chief Vernon Stewart of Victoria Fire Department was elected as chairman and asked to peruse this new program.
Six years latter in 1937 after 11 meetings the name Vancouver Island Fireman’s Association was adopted.  In 1945 at a meeting in Nanaimo, Ladysmith Fire Chief Joe Grouel moved a motion that an organization be formed to be known as Vancouver Island Fire-Fighters Association, and that it be open to all ranks of fire-fighters.  Also a fee of one dollar was to be collected by the chief for each member of his fire department.
Through out the years Vancouver Island Fire-Fighter Association has made some major contributions to the education and welfare of our fire-fighters, not just on Vancouver Island but through out B.C.

Letter of Introduction;
Dear Fire-fighters:

We take pleasure in presenting information regarding the Vancouver Island Fire Fighters Association. Our website outlines much of what V.I.F.F.A has to offer. We would appreciate your passing this information along to your local members and to other fire departments so that they too may be involved with our association.

Our Primary goal is to offer training to our association members. This includes fire-fighting, auto extrication, first aid, or for the safety and welfare of our members. We have two general meetings a year, one on the first Sunday in April, and the second on the first Sunday in November. At these meetings we have a guest speaker or training that will present some type of educational package to our membership. Our meetings are usually held at different fire halls of members in our organization. You are encouraged to apply to host a meeting! We also encourage the support of Trade Members and try to provide them with opportunities to network or advertise. At our meetings we discuss matters and concerns which are related to the interests of the Vancouver Island Fire Fighters Association and its members.

A newsletter is sent at least twice a year. It contains the minutes from the last meeting, information about upcoming events (training etc.), as well as other items related to V.I.F.F.A. members. For example do you have any retiring fire-fighters that you want to recognize? Do you have some fire-fighting equipment you wish to sell?

The V.I.F.F.A Board consists of a seven member executive; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors. For a membership application, which includes information about our annual dues, please click the word "Membership" on the lower left hand side of this page.

Vancouver Island Fire Fighters Association
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